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Here at Equi-Pole The Polework App we set out on a mission to give you information on polework, not take yours! 


So, whilst we supply you with all the information you’ll need to enjoy Polework no matter your experience level, it is therefore the policy of Equi-Pole The Polework App NOT to collect any of your personal data! 


What is GDPR Personal Data?

As defined by The EU’s General Data Protection regulation, personal data refers to any information that can be used directly or indirectly, to identify a person. 


These include but are not limited to - 

  • Name, 

  • Date of Birth,

  • Home or work information,

  • Demographic information,

  • Banking information,

  • Computer IP address.


The purchase and transfer of money for Equi-Pole The Polework App is handled through the respective App Store. If you are concerned at all, please refer to their individual privacy policies as Equi-Pole The Polework App will have no access to your financial information.


Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies only to the actions of Equi-Pole The Polework App and Users with respect to this website/App. It does not extend to any websites/Apps/Social Media that might be accessed from this website/App.



Changes to This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy May be updated from time to time. It is advised that you review this page periodically for any changes. 


Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact me at

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